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   CIMA has a proven track record of deploying our Aerospace & Defense solutions for manufacturers and companies who provide services to the Department of Defense (DoD). Due to our unique product design and corporate mission, our solutions are tailored to the business goals and requirements of each client. Our product design is specifically for the Aerospace & Defense industry. This provides ease of integration and implementation. Customization is minimal the requirements and processes needed to do business are built-in to the solutions. This is often not the case with our competitor's products. Because our Aerospace & Defense solutions are industry specific, your return on investment is realized faster.

Our technical and support staff are experienced and familiar with Aerospace & Defense terminology and business processes. They partner with your staff lending expertise in both CIMA products and the unique Aerospace & Defense industry business processes and requirements. Additionally, you may choose to engage CIMA to provide integration, project management, and consulting services to bring to bear over 100 years combined Aerospace & Defense experience to your information technology and organizational needs.

In short, CIMA's Aerospace & Defense industry focus reduces risk, shortens implementation, and allows us to provide broad functionality at fixed, affordable costs.

A range of purchasing options are available for CIMA's products, including a monthly service fee alternative. Contact us to discuss corporate and expanded site license options. You will find that we make it easy for your firm to enjoy the benefits of solutions designed specifically for Aerospace & Defense manufacturing at a reasonable cost!

CIMA offers high quality customized services and solutions to our customers.

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